Regular requirements around the world increases as far as the scope, safety and security is concerned.
IQRA provides torque testing for bolts on site, using KINDRICK TOOLS torque wrench.

Subject torque test will be conducted by a qualified engineer, using a calibrated torque wrench with relevant torque values & bolt sizes as specified in data sheet.

A complete report encompassing the test data & result is provided according to the specific requirements in terms of torque value to be achieved and the number of bolts tested.

Torque wrenches on stand by:

KINDRICK KDTW6800T: 150 – 800 Nm (129 - 609 FT - LB)
KINDRICK KDTW4200T: 40 – 200 Nm (33.2 – 151.2 FT - LB)
Socket sets :PARD C4221: 22 pcs 1/2" DR. 6pt. Flank Socket
Torque Set suitable for bolt size range from 10 to 32 mm.